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ENGL 105: English for International Students




Dan Lee


Betsy Byrd


Merriam-Webster's Learner's Dictionary

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The New Encyclopedia of Southern Culture
Chapel Hill, NC: University of North Carolina Press, 2006-2013.

Main Level, Reference: R 975.00321 N42N  [24 volume set]

   Vol.1:  Religion  (also available in ebook format)

   Vol.2:  Geography  (also available in ebook format)

   Vol.3:  History

   Vol.4:  Myths, Manners, & Memory  (also available in ebook format)

   Vol.5:  Language  (also available in ebook format)

   Vol.6:  Ethnicity  

   Vol.7:  Foodways 

   Vol.8:  Environment

   Vol.9:  Literature 

   Vol.10:  Law & Politics   (also available in ebook format)

   Vol.11:  Agriculture & Industry

   Vol.12:  Music    (also available in ebook format)

   Vol.13:  Gender  

   Vol.14:  Folklife

   Vol.15:  Urbanization   (also available in ebook format)

   Vol.16:  Sports & Recreation

   Vol.17:  Education  (also available in ebook format)

   Vol.18:  Media    (also available in ebook format)
   Vol.19:  Violence    (also available in ebook format)
   Vol.20:  Social Class (also available in ebook format via EBL)

   Vol.21:  Art & Architecture    (also available in ebook format)
Vol.22:  Science and Medicine  (also available in ebook format)
Vol.23:  Folk Art  (also available in ebook format)
Vol.24:  Race  (also available in ebook format via EBL)

The Greenwood Encyclopedia of American Regional Cultures: The South.  
Rebecca Mark and Rob Vaughan, editors. Westport, CT: Greenwood Press, 2004. [CREDO Reference database].

American Civil War Reference Library.
Kevin Hillstrom and Laurie Collier Hillstrom. Detroit: UXL, 2000. [Gale Virtual Reference Library].

Biography In Context  Includes nearly a million biographical entries spanning history and geographical areas

Encyclopedia of Southern Literature. Mary Ellen Snodgrass, ABC-CLIO, 1997.
Main Level, Reference:
R 810.9975 Sn52E

Gale U.S. History in Context  Full-text reference database that incluses articles from encyclopedias, journals, and other resources.

Oxford African American Studies Center [Oxford U. Press].  A comprehensive online collection focusing on the lives and events which have shaped African American and African history and culture. This collection, edited by Henry Louis Gates, Jr. of Harvard University, includes 7,500 articles from core reference works, over 1,000 images, primary sources with specially written commentaries, and over 100 maps that have been collected to enhance the reference content. Also included are over 100 charts and tables offering information on demographics, government, politics, business, labor, education and the arts.
Includes indexing and content from the following print resources:
• Africana
African American National Biography
Encyclopedia of African American History, 1619-1895
Encyclopedia of African American History, 1896 to the Present
Black Women in America, Second Edition
Concise Oxford Companion to African American Literature